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Restaurant Menu Covers

-Waterproof-Durable-Replaceable‎-Artificial Leather


- 防水 - 耐用 - 可更换 -

Save money on

expensive papers/printing/design

We need to apologize to you that we do not have outdoor sales representative to do presentation at your office.

Kindly give us a call before you come to make sure that we are there.

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- Can buy at any quantity- Ship Worldwide -


Please Whatsapp M: +65-9653 3983 for a price list

JP-24 A4 Clear Frosted Menu Cover w/A4 Pockets

2 Clear Frosted Cover - 4 pages of A4 menu + 10 A4 pockets inserts to hold up to 20 pages of menu

-菜谱封套+多页数- 可放多达二十四页-

Please Whatsapp M: +65-9653 3983 for Quotation


(3 weeks to complete the job)

-Please send us an Email for Quotation-


Screws Menu Covers with Pocket inserts + Logo


A4 Menu Covers with Hidden Screws



Menu Covers with 2 panels (To hold 2 pages only)


A3/A4/A5 Menu Boards (To hold 2 pages only)


Drink Coasters 10.5cm x 10.5cm sq

A4-Certificate Folders

Ready Stocks available

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